Alex + Abby



Alex + Abby is an athleisure clothing company, that lives at the intersection of design, fashion + functionality. They aim to fulfill women’s essential everyday active needs, for every type of woman that’s always on-the-go. For over 25 years, they have collaborated with elite sports apparel and footwear brands and continue to work towards developing the highest quality clothing for an affordable price.

To further develop their brand and promote their clothing line, 3 lifestyle videos + narratives were created to represent their two main personified target markets – Alex + Abby. While Alex’s character caters to younger, urban, more active women, Abby’s character caters to women in further stages of their lives who still remain empowered to live actively.

A third lifestyle video accompanied by a brand narrative was also created, to involve both aspects of each character while portraying the chic versatility and ease of comfort Alex + Abby provide with their clothing.